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Michael Thomas has over fifteen years of experience in the sign industry. He specializes in custom neon signage, bringing exactly what his customers are seeking for their decorative or advertising purchases. Size is no object for Thomas, as his warehouse is large enough to create and house large industrial signage.

Denver, Colorado would not look the same without Thomas’ work, which includes unique Denver cityscape neon on a scale that is muralesque. His work has become local artwork that tourists a locals appreciate. Thomas also works on small-scale projects such as pub signage and personal decor.

Thomas’ newest project is a neon museum, where he takes signs throughout time to show how his industry has evolved. It is amazing to see how bright the signs of forty years ago are today.

Of course, times are changing, and Thomas has dabbled in the led industry as well, but his passion is neon. If you’d like to contact Michael Thomas, his email address isĀ DOCTORTHOMAS77@DR.COM.