The Shining Light– Neon Signs

A History

Like anything, neon signs have a pretty colorful history. Evolving from Geissler tubes, these neon displays changed the ways of business advertisement. Deriving from Greek, “neos” means “new” which later became what we know today as “neon”. Scottish and English chemists named Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers discovered this chemical element very soon after discovering krypton in the late 1800’s. By their discovery, these two scientists truly helped to shape to vibe of cities across the globe. Now, neon signs are used for a variety of things in many different ways, not just in advertising. However, having one of these signs on a store front greatly improves customer traffic by standing out against other shops.

The making of these signs was first created by an engineer from France, George Claude in 1902, and is an art in itself. The glass tubes are slowly bent, using burning plates to soften the glass, to a desired shape or pattern. What might seem surprising is that neon is generally colorless. It is the tint on the glass that gives these tubes their color. Once properly dried, the tubes are then filled and applied to electrodes.

Using neon lights isn’t just for business, anyone can benefit from them. You can use them both inside and outside the house for a fun way to decorate during the holidays or themed parties! Do a bit of research to find the best prices on the neon signs you’re interested in before buying because they can be pretty expensive depending on what style you’re looking for. Products like these neon sports signs start below $100. They can also be used as nightlights, but I wouldn’t suggest using them while you’re trying to sleep, as they are very bright. Neon lights are not only easy to set up, they also last a very long time, which is another reason businesses love them.

There are so many interesting facts about this gas and how it came to be used today. The process of neon sign making has been a long one but has had such a huge impact on the world. From city to city you can see the progression of these signs and why they’re so important to businesses–just look at Las Vegas! It’s also pretty cool to learn about this chemical and all the things it can do. This energy saving technique has been a shining light for advertisement and brings a splash of color and energy to nearly every city and town around the world.