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When one thinks of the city, he or she often thinks of the lights and the night life. In fact, the thrill of the night is not complete without lights. Neon lights have been illuminating streets for decades, and they have become an expected part of the city for tourists.

Locals also appreciate the art that goes into neon, and even pub signs sport unique additions to their signs rather than the standard beer logo alone.

Neon is art, but it is also utility. Neon signs may simply show that a business is open, but neon enthusiasts ensure their patrons recognize their art appreciation through the purchase of unique signs that show the spirit of their business.

Do you have an interesting story about neon? Is their a place where the neon signage makes it unique or a place where you wish there wasn’t so much neon? We want to hear about it!

Send us your writing contributions. We look forward to seeing what you have to say.

We like science contributions too! Neon is science and art!